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Szybkie Clean-Up – czyszczenie kont GL

„Fast Clean-Up” Services

Specific Reconciliation and Clean-Up of GL Accounts – We perform a fast catch-up reconciliation service that may be required for a specific GL account. This may relate for example to accounts receivable, where as a result of the lack of clarity, the client is unable to manage its collections, therefore the objective is to reconcile each account to quickly bring collections under control. We often deal with the reconciliation of inventory or fixed assets.

„Catch-Up” or “Clean-Up” transaction processing and bookkeeping service – A number of clients approach us when they urgently need help in correcting or bringing accounts up to date. The poor quality may be the result of a weak systems implementation. It may be that you have fallen behind with the daily bookkeeping and are unable to catch-up even through overtime. This may occur during a new systems implementation. Your staff may not be able to complete their daily work due to the additional work involved in the set-up, training and parallel running of the new system. Whether in a mess, or simply behind with your bookkeeping or transaction processing, whether you are implementing a new system or you have a seasonal peak – we can provide reliable, suitably qualified, diligent, affordable individuals to clean-up or catch-up with your accounting records.

„Hands-On” assistance to „Big4” & Clients to resolve Audit Issues – The poor quality of the records may result in your auditor being unable to issue an audit opinion on the financial statements. Typically the client will have a limited period of time to correct its bookkeeping records. To avoid a conflict of interests, Big 4 auditors are unable to assist their clients in the correction of the underlying accounting records. Given our independence together with the fact that we at getsix® do not provide statutory audit services at all, we are often referred to clients by the “Big 4” – to correct or reprocess their accounting records.

Reduce exposure before or during Polish Tax Authority’s tax audit – We are often involved in assisting clients in reducing potentially large tax penalties imposed by local Tax Authority. This usually involves identifying and assembling a high volume of supporting documentation, often spanning a number of years, to enable the client to provide evidence to satisfy local Tax Authority during their audit examination. In certain cases it involves contacting and obtaining information or documents from our customers suppliers and customers.

Last modified: 19 maja, 2022